My So Called Life

Please sit down before you read this.
Already? Good.

Class assigment for this week is reveal some part of our world. Tell to them what we have been through. Somewhat personal I could say.
Aaand I didn't pretty like it. Come on, seriously? Why in the hell people need to now my life? I rather keep it by myself and maybe tell it to my offsprings to be their joke.
But, I do believe good lesson must be told. Considering perhaps some of you could learn something, so here it is, a part of my story:

Three years ago I was a little girl came from so called city in west java, know no one except my sister, my (ex) boyfriend and have so little world. My life map was home-campus-home-went out with him-home repeatedly for the next days ahead.

5 November 2010 Mt. Merapi exploded. The eruption not only changed the face of Yogyakarta but also my life. How could be?

So, around 100.000 people had been evacuated during that time. Me, as a natural rebellion (HAHAHAHH) prefer to stayed in Jogja and join a campus disaster caring basecamp. There was these guys, they know each other, came from some based on campus communities altogether help the victims of eruption.

After spent two weeks with them, I get attached. For the first time I have no idea who really they are. I thought that they just random people with a good heart. Lately I know, they called Sasbud, one of the popular and influencial community in campus. Before we go to far, let me remind you that last statement is called perception ;).

Then i kept hanging around with them, eventhought i have no art skill. I got to know a lot of new people, old and young one. New experiences that i hardly decide it's good or bad. Since you can learn from almost everything.

Without I realized it, I became an outsider in my class. I have no time to hang out with my classmates. Aaand from what I heard, some of them hate me because I'm be friend with sasbud. This comunity not 100% has a good name, but they are great friend. You hardly find someone more loyal than them. They are skillful, creative, "sociable" and smart (some of them are genius). I learn so much from them.

Again, nothing is perfect. They have a dark side. Something that I couldn't understand.

So when I had no friend in class and spent too much time in sasbud, I got my GPA below the average at the end of first semester. I messed up. Not only in academic way, but also my personality and social life. My disaster, really.

Good gracious, I don't need much time to got back to the right path. With some help, I re-arangge my life. I separated which one is priority, which one is something that can wait. But there always something that just can't be changed. What cannot be repaired will remain broken forever.

My life is a long long road. So complex yet incredible. So does another people life.
I could tell you something boring and common, but I prefer to tell you something that you can learn from.

Maybe my story confuse you, since I'm not good on writing yet.
But what I want to say are:
We become now what we are is one of the concequences of our action in the past. Nothing is wrong or right if we can get something at the end.
I do believe that people always try to be better in their life. I'm optimistic person you know :D.
One proverb from Japan said, "the stick out spike is always be the hammered one"

Guten nacht!

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