To Dina Oktaviani

Hello, mba Dina. Salam bahagia dari saya.

Mas Bekabuluh always give us a brilliant task to do. Now, I have to reply a letter to a complete stranger. Blimey! I don't know what I have to write, but I wrote anyway.

I'm so happy that I got your letter. So glad to know that a loner is not alone in this world. So WOW that you are willing to tell your world and encourage me (also other, of course) to write. Wicked! 
Every single man on earth has his own problem, right? Some get so terrible, some just lucky. Aaand universe will not give you something more than you could take, no? ogghh, what i am mumbling about. 

Well, writing is charming, ay? We can speak out load without shout. It is become one of my interest, since... some decades ago. Do you believe me? x) 
Anyroad, I already have some plans to do with this blog. To make people want to read it. To share my thought, to spread my spirit and yes I am that impassioned. 

The best of British to you and me :)


5th chamber of random internet cafe, Jogja. 19 March, 2013


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