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Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Merapi’s eruption caused terrible moments for Jogja. People who lived in dangerous escaped from the town they had been living. Some activities stopped and daily life were quite changing. Some schools and university were having day off so most of the comer were going back home.

But, some people chose to stay and did something. Students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) set up some rescue posts (posko) inside UGM. One were set up on student sport center, and some other were located on each faculty. Amel, student of Art and Humanities Faculty (FIB) shared her volunteering experience during the Merapi eruption. 

“Jogja was like death city. I hardly breath and could not go anywhere without wearing a mask,” she said. “As you could see from the media, the city was covered by the ashes, so was my campus.”  But with the cheerful face as she likes to recall those moments, she began her story. 

At that time, posko on FIB were set up by some student’s community. Together, they gave their time, energy and materials for the Merapi's refugee. "I stayed in the posko to help cook and wrap the meals. Some go to the mountain for distributing aid and sometimes they work together with the SAR team to rescue the victims," Amel said. Along with someother guys, she stayed in posko because they have no skill of first aid or even scouting.

There were thirties of them, took turn to preparing meals and distributed it, help the children to heal their traumatic, also clean the posko. Before dawn, they went to southern market, which is save from eruption, to shop the cooking ingredients. Then, made it ready before noon and evening, distribute it twice a day. Some went as group to camps and play with the children.

At night, not everyone slept. Some boys stayed all night to monitor the Merapi's situation from radio and twitter's timeline. So, just in case something terrible happen, they are ready to action. When the guys came down from Merapi's, all of them sat together, did the evaluation and usually ended the night with singing and playing music.    

"It was my firs time joined this kind of thing. Work with new people and see something from the minor sight is dangerously cool. Especially if you work together to help others, even the smallest one, it is something that you should do before you die," she ended by smile.   

What if you take a peep to these pictures I just found out?

Some pictures of refugee camps:

Here some pictures of their activities:

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