What Goes Around Comes Around

I want to meet new people.
I want to go someplace new.
I want to be a part something that I don't know.
And it's fucking hard to get what I want.

A story never stand by itself.
One step leads you to another path.
Total stranger you meet today might kill you someday.
A harmless to long stop at bend might cause you-have-no-idea-who die, without knowing you were take a part.
as somebody said, one drop water on sea makes an ocean. 

A lot of thing in this world I can't understand.
Some are out of mind.
On my 21th, I understand how the mutual law works.

If you wanna get smile from somebody, smile everyday to everyone.
If you wanna be heard, listen.
If you wanna speak, think.
If you wanna debate, read.
If you wanna be asked, learn and share it.
If you wanna critize, understand it.
If you wanna be good, don't let the past haunt you.
If you wanna be a hero, functioning your sense.
If you wanna be regarded, never forget people.
Underestimate other is forbidden.
Be good, as the world is small town.

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