I Don't Wanna Go Out

I just moved in with two others housemates. I got pretty small space for my dozen stuffs. Exiting yet confusing. I had a month to think what I'm gonna do with 2.5x3 m² and I did what I planned. Yeay!

Well, I consider my budget in the first place. With little money I can make my room more precious than ever. You see the flowering wall over there? Believe me it's not a wallpaper. It's just a paper. Only spent IDR ±5000/m, I got my wall covered. Then old paper magazine year 1980 that I bought at Pasar Kangen Jogja covered the other side. Pretty cool background for the little things I love!   

But, the tough ones is where I should place my outfits?! Only the small space left and I don't even have a cupboard. Fiuh, so happy when I found the solution. And it's got cool, right? I save my time when dressing, no more messy shelf. 

Next, do you notice little desk under my laptop? I made it by myself *so proud*. You need only a box, beach sand, mollusks and of course a glass. I bought a box at Lotte Mart for IDR 50000 and round glass for IDR 30000. Sand and the mollusks? I brought it from Pok Tunggal Beach ;p

And did you know that I use a blanket for the curtain? It's from Kalimantan and make my room look like a boho room from the outside. I regularly buy a flower, just for pleasure myself. Why wait up someone? Haha

Yet, the most awesome part of my room is my bed. It has magic. It's made everyone who lay down there will lose their will to get up. Trust me. I don't wanna go out since I was spelled

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