5 Clues He’s Not That Into You

1. He doesn’t care about how you think or how you feel
He stops asking you how you feel today or why you are so silent most of the time. You did a little test to check his reaction and he successfully let you down. 

2. He never asks you for a date
He never asks you to go out to dinner or just enjoy the night. Or for breakfast. He said he had no time, but really, one or two hours per week is not that much. Have we lost the fun?

3. He never keeps his promises
You made him promise or he promises you to go to beach sometimes, but he just forget it. Boom! Just like that.

4. He stops trying to make you happy
Be honest, when was the last time he do something sweet just to make you smile?

5. He stops trying to hold you
Let’s say it, he doesn’t want you anymore and he said he is happy when everything ends. Moreover, when it comes to discussion, it will turn into painful argumentation but he doesn’t say sorry because he hurt you.

Damage done.

Masih ada kamu di setiap tetes hujan.
Masih ada kamu di setiap jengkal kehidupan.

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