I'm Freaking Out, It's Two Months Late.

I woke up in the morning and check my phone (as usual), find out there was one special message. From Mr. Postman.
We think we lost it! Well, Lenka did, but I have a faith in Indonesian post-office system. Hahahahactuallynotreallyhahaha.

So, it's been couple of hours since i got it but the excitement wont go. Hvft.
Wanna take a peep?

Baiklah. Tapi ini masih januari :'(

my heart beat super fast!

Ehe he ehe. I don't know what to say.

These pictures. Oh My God. Where's teh others? :))

It's funny because i haven't think of buy a 2014 agenda and you sent me this. Universe trick? ;)

I found it! and why on earth you wrote it with pencil? what if I accindentaly erase them?

Perfect channel ever!

At first I'm confused, but thanks god you kindly put a note for it ;). Since the other may have no idea what is it, i'll generously them them what you thaugh me:
"Cut paper and make pieces with pictures. Every picture is two tines. After that pictures side on the table, then you have to guess and try to find couples. Good luck and good memory.
One of them is cute. The second one is from famous traditional artist from czech. Named Josef Lada :))
Minimum is 2 people for playing. So, enjoy it with *** or take it to bonbin :)) Hahaha."

Are you kidding? I don't wanna cut them, it's to cute I'm afraid to ruin it :'(( . But I want to play also. What should I do? What should I do???

Thank you so much, like that words are not enough. I can't wait to beat you up with my presents for you. And it's gonna be tough, I should start thinking by now. Haha.
Just come here again next auntumn, allright? I miss you so much. 

Juno says hi. 

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