Bit/Pieces #18

Hola, folks!
How's your March? Mine is wonderfully amazing! God gracious.
Anyway, last weekend I was at Blitar, my lovely little hometown in East Java. I lived there no more than 7 years, but it gave me BIG impression. I love Blitar that much till I keep the comfort feeling every time I feel down.

So, here's I give you some of my magical memories :')  

Bakso langganan depan alun-alun

Es Pleret, minuman endemik Blitar.

Es lilin khas Blitar. But we called it es drop. Know why? ;)

Menu favorit keluarga. Nasi jagung, lalapan, dan sayur rebung super pedas.

Geng kemayu.
 I run, cried, and laughed in this street...

It's my nanny house. All my siblings consider her as our second mom. I love her and her little space!

 Here a path to Kalibalang, our magical spot.

There are rice fields and little pod down there.

Can you see the pod?

it used to be my little lovely home. too bad it look like this now :'(

 Blitar rail station..

I'll show you more about Blitar. Just wait and see :)
Meanwhile, don't wait up to come!

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