Bit/Pieces #19 (part 1)

Life's been busy and exhausting, a weekend gateway is such an oasis. We went to Pangandaran beach in West Java last (another) last weekend. Although it was just two days trip, it was fantastic! Never thought before that Pangandaran has so much to offer. It has swimming beach (you know, where the tides not that big), sunrise and sunset spot, water sports (we tried couple of them!), various type of bicycling rental, conservation area, and other cool stuff that I know but I forgot (hah! pardon me). Such a perfect place for family retreat indeed.

So, here you go..  

Mobil goes. 50.000 or 30.000? as long as you want. 

Dad and his abs. This pic requested by himself.

my lil' bro. he was cutie pie. 

She's super happy!

center of the attention for this moment and years ahead.

heavenly, don't you think?

we should print and hang this.

the oldest nephew. 8 y.o trying to know the world

I always think it as a one of running man series :) 

while his brother has the cute expression ever, on the contrary, he always has the weird one. Still cute.

Since there was a toddler on it, this only went super slow. They were happy, except my brother. He need nerve.

cute, right? right? told ya.

This thing went on middle-extreme level. Successfully made the oldest nephew screamed to death.  

happy laugh. lovable.

He was almost drown one time and afraid of water ever since. Dad cannot accept that. Funny thing.

He tried the titanic's scene.

He was driving and pull off his hand and foot from the steering wheel. Crazy old man I love the most.

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