Another Spots to Hop in Tasikmalaya

Remember in this post I promise you another spots to hop that have more contemporary vibe? Here you go..

C. Coffee Clinic in front of Rumah Sakit Umum
This is an absolute cool place! Two basic rules that make me deeply in love with a cafe:
1. Lovely interior. The semi-outdoor eatery is just hard to resist. Except the inside area, it's nice but it little bit more touch would make it perfect.
2. Various menu and especially if it comes less expensive. They have fried Oreo with only IDR 8.000! Can you believe it? and regular balck coffee (with regular taste, but I bet it's not instant coffee) only IDR. 3000! The spaghetti starts at IDR. 15.000! And trust me, they all comes delicious.    


D. Djongjons Cafe at Simpang Lima
This is I think the most popular cafe in Tasikmalaya. My friends keep mention it every time I ask about a cool place to meet up. And yes, it is great. What's make it great? Its private ;)
When you come here, no worry about the noise of the road. It's air pollution save.
The menu? You have to try the melted cheese fried potato and of course, the coffee.  

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