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(Coffee Culture) is a social atmosphere or behavior that depends upon coffee, which particularly takes place at urbanizes area. It is not just about drinking coffee to fulfill your caffeine needs, but more in celebration of this popular social lubricant. You can hold a meeting, exhibition, political or commercial activity, get a Wi-Fi, or simply hanging out doing nothing and enjoys the environment (like I often do) in your favorite coffee-house.  

I just realize I don’t have a particular hobby except drinking coffee and visiting new coffeehouse only to find out its attractiveness. Since I can’t rely on my tongue to tell you the difference between each coffee beans and its taste after the processing, observe their potentials are the best I can do *finger cross* 

So here’s the first coffee house…

Kopi Onli (@KopiOnly)

It is a brand new coffeehouse, which was opened 18 days ago in Jl. Mangkuyudan 46, Jogjakarta. Jalan Mangkuyudan is a quiet street I could say, compare to some streets nearby such as Jl. Parangtritis, Jl. Tirtodipuran, or even Jl. DI Panjaitan. It is a new coffee house located in a wide but light-less street. No wonder it was off-visitors when I was there, but no worries you’ll find it easy (thanks to its yellow signpost). 

They offer good coffees and FREE WI-FI! A regular black Arabica is IDR 5000, for a good coffee it is lovable! It is a semi-outdoor seating with capacity of ±24 seats and the environment around is pleasant. The owner is very friendly and understands about coffee so it is a plus side. Oh, and they use a manual brew so it is a fresh coffee powder baby! Opens daily from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Make sure you hop to KOPI ONLI when you are around the south area of Jogjakarta!


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