Taspi Kafe in #KopiKultur

Hola! It's been some months since the last time I take care of this baby. I was out of town for two months as the warrior of the community service that was held by the university each year. Every student must do it before the graduation. And this year, finally, it's my time to rock! But let's put aside my rocking story, it can wait. 

Well, I was located at Desa Sidonganti, Kecamatan Kerek, Kabupaten Tuban, Jawa Timur (easy fella, I stop the geo tagging here). That place is.. what should I call it.. magic? :)

Anyway, not much to do in that village for killing time. The one and only hotspot is a little coffee bar owned by Bu Taspi. She's a lovely lady and a good cooker as well! She make this giant super delicious banana fried for only IDR 500! 500. 500. All fried snack is 500. 500. 500. 
I still cannot believe it. The most tremendous part is that she served a good coffee for only IDR 1.000! Actually, I am not sure if Tuban produces coffee. When I ask where the coffee bean comes from, she's not sure. I brought one kilo of its green bean even though I don't know how to roast. Haha!

That spot is our oasis every time we need a break or simply need to sleep. It has cangkrukan which sometimes I purposely went there to enjoy the breeze or to mingle with the local people. Oh, I am soooo miss them. If by any chance you go there and meet Bu Taspi, tell her Amel says hello ;)


the guy in the middle owned a field. I went there unintentionally and he gave me bunch of cassava fresh from the ground. 


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