Past Midnight and My Head Gonna Explode

It's a quarter after one, I want to sleep but not tired nor sleepy. Not blaming a cup of Lasuna coffee that I drunk couple of hours ago, blame my unproductive mood, because I didn't do anything all day. So anyway, have you heard about this project that I just started? *blushing*

Well, if you haven't.. in that case.. please check out Foxy Mary Totes. It's a baby born tote maker! If you love tote bag and wanna make ONE- THAT ONE- THE ONE AND ONLY- tote of yours, call me, i am 24/7 available. In Foxy Mary you can make your own personalized-customized tote bag with affordable price for sure!

It's a fox, not a cat.

Enough with the ad because I really need to tell you something. I have this shitty piece of messy thread in my mind and writing something, even if it is unrelated, might help to calm me down.

This foxy mary project was started since couple years ago. It doesn't have a name back then, but it's the first time I want to make some business and it should be tote bag. Just because I love tote bag and can't get enough of it. I love pretty, cute, and special tote. So why not make money out of it? Remember all that phrase 'bout live your passion blah blah blah.
Then I do my research. Where to sew, how about the design, how much I need to begin with, etc., etc. Yet it's like the doors all closed for me. A painter that I like to work with rejected me, the material expense was way too expensive, and my parents couldn't help me with the capital. So I gave up and buried that dream.   
Some years rolling and I found myself in late the 2014. I'm in stable economic situation but the first world problem is I want more than my pocket money can afford. This old idea popped out and everything goes easy. I get all the help I need. Thank you, Lord.

I don't wanna be a white collar worker and wake up every morning have a feeling that I life in a wrong live. The truth is working for other people not suited me well. It's best if I can control my own working time. Haha.
So yeah, my dad runs some business that soon I'll be the one in charge but I'm a green leaf in this scary full of challenge and failure universe. I'm scared but that's no point. I need to learn, like, immediately. Do something while I'm still in Jogja. And here's some note that I need to remember about starting your own business:

1. Just start it. Even if the concept is half-cooked. Finish the main and crucial things and just go on. Being too perfect or ideal in preparation will give you less action. You'll make mistake in the way and that's good. Mistake is good. That's the benefit of having unfixed concept, so you can add more.Plus, when you are self-taught, most of thing in business you'll learn it in half way.
2. Again. Mistake is good. The world is full of surprises and sometimes it comes with disappointment. You'll face some changes and be ready for it. Make sure when a failure come, it will turns you to better person. Like the old saying, experience is the best teacher. 
3. Be open and don't be full of oneself. Always hungry and stay foolish. Say 'yes' or 'let's see' to new perspective. You might catches some gold if you keep your eyes open.
4. Be silly. Be honest. Be kind. It's essential.

ps: for those who made my soul cry. 
That moment when Björk always right.

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