Bit/Pieces #23

Few days before I left Jogja (Oui, I moved out and No; not graduated yet), I visited this cool place called Ikiwae Studio. Only know them for couple of months but they have been improving pretty fast and super amazing. So proud of you, guys!
They are Jogjakarta based artist who runs this little shop for anything artsy craft and dealing with design interior for any request. It doesn't matter weather you are a poor student or cafe owner, they welcome you warmly. I could tell you, they are the only one in Jogja who runs this kind of business. They make artsy stuff, collaborate with other crafters, and do the design interior project for cafes; no matter how small your request is. I got one little poster and specially request paper puppets for my name-card.    
Check out their instagram account to know more and drop by to pick some cute stuff to pimp up your room. 

Another petite paradise in Jogja, Indoguna Meat Shop and Grocery at Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 37. They have the best grocery store in town; after Beringharjo of course.

Cah Cold Brew!
This boy played with the grill stove, along with his little sister. I bet they cook a fantastic feast!
Accidentally had sort of after prom dinner because of a stupid mistake.


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