Tujuan Negeri Kopi

          Alkisah, nusantara adalah negeri seribu kopi. Cerobong asap di sebuah kedai kopi ternama di kota terpelajar bagian barat tak pernah berhenti mengepul; hilir mudik juga celotehan bermartabat maupun tak bermatabat manusia-manusia kota membuat ramai suasana walaupun timbunan jelaga membuat muram kedai yang seolah lupa untuk berdiam diri ini. 


Oh crap. I'm stuck. Have no time for day dreaming because somebody told me to spread the words, I want to make it cool though but tick of the clocks wake me up. 
Nay, I'm just lazy. I'll go on with the story when it's ready, okay?

Anyway, been busy this previous four months and not caused by my final papers (sorry, Sir!). As you might know, I am a coffee drinker. Five years ago I started to tell myself to drink coffee. The reason? The same one with why you smoke. I started with drink cheap instant coffee in the campus cafeteria, then found out that Indonesian single origin coffee exists and regularly ordered the local ground coffee to my friends who travelled. Slowly at times, I found other methods of brewing coffee rather than just hit it with boiling water and add sugar. For your notes, drink a proper coffee is not very common here. For most people, a cup of coffee is a bitter black hot beverage contains bad caffeine. So when I found that coffee can be enjoyed without sugar and can have light body like a tea, I was so surprised! Ha-ha

My journey of coffee turns up-side down when I met Wikikopi. I registered as new resident there. I was not a regular customer. Love the idea of a coffee shop located in the traditional market, but only came only a couple of times. My knowledge of coffee got the whole new level after joins their free classes and being a voluntary clerk for three months. This black gold beverage is more than what it seems. There is the sad story of colonialism which its trail is still seen in the life of the coffee farmers. The complexity in the making of this beverage is unbelievable. So many methods and variables that each elements significantly affects the final output. The science is strong with this one. You could see math, chemistry, biology, physics, history, and cultural science in every cup you sip. It is all starts with the story of the dancing goats. Oh, praise the dancing goats!

Wikikopi membuka kesempatan residensi #4 bagi siapa saja yang ingin mengenal dan mempelajari kopi, dari berbagai sisi, secara cuma-cuma. 
Hanya bermodal dedikasi awal selama tiga bulan dan keingintahuan tak terbatas pada ilmu pengetahuan.
Datang saja ke Pasar Kranggan lantai 2. Kapan saja. Kami tunggu.

twitter: @wikikopi

Lapak Wikikopi di Pasar Kranggan lantai 2

Kelas rokpresso

Kelas teknik pouring

Masyarakat kopi yang berdikari. Minim bujet interior, ya gergaji sendiri.

Belajar roasting

Diskusi sains dan kopi di situs candi Gebang.

Lapak Wikikopi di Etnika Fest 2015

Lapak Wikikopi di Pecha Kucha #8 

Lapak Wikikopi di Artjog #8 

Lapak Wikikopi di Artjog #8

Bicara kopi dengan pemuda petani kopi di Samigaluh, Kulon Progo

Squad Resident #2! Been a wonderful months, mates! (ps: minus the birthday boy. Screw you)

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