Here She Comes Again

Ha! the last time I was logged into here was on the 20th of September, 2015. 2015! Well, the absence is because  honestly I can’t think of anything that happened in the last one and a half year that would really be of any interest. Yep, that's how boring I am. Wait, or maybe because I'm addicted to instagram (see my profile here) just like anybody else (right? right?!) and it's kinda like a mini blog, just snap ->  writes caption -> hit the share button -> feed drolling probably for couple of minutes. You don't need to open a laptop or think/research a looooong way before write something and most of all - it's less time consuming (the posting, not the drolls the feed).

So, now here I comes again, to this place where I can be Foxy Mary. Who's Foxy Mary you say? Keep the question for later stream of self consciousness shit. Right now I just want to mumble jumble out of enthusiasm. A famous blogger just put a lethal injection to her blog and read some of her posts makes me miss this place so much.

Well in short, my life might be boring because the more I get older, the more I become socially awkward. I tend to avoid people or group conversation just because I'm to shy to say something. People from my early collage life wouldn't believe this but it's true. I don't know where my self confidence go.

So, in a way, in this place I will speak more and be me once again. Let's see if finally I can set up a good habit.     

One of that things when you find yourself.
Always believe I'm suck at drawing but why I should give a fuck? Anybody can draw, some with skill - some with nothing but wonder.  

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